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Concise Theology by J.I. Packer

J.I. Packer’s “Concise Theology” is a thorough examination of the essentials of Christianity. For those not familiar with Packer, a Google search will reveal that Packer is a prolific author and considered one of the most significant theologians of the late 20th Century. “Concise Theology” is written from a Reformed and evangelical viewpoint. In the […]


Risk is Right by John Piper

Life is a very uncertain business. James 4:13-17 reminds us that no person can guarantee whether tomorrow will actually happen or not. No person can with 100% certainty say that their plans will work out, “You do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a […]


“Crazy Busy” by Kevin De Young

Mini-Review… Often when you ask someone, “how are you?” the reply is, “Busy”. For many folks, this seems to be the common experience, but also what some of us might view as normal. Most of us struggle to keep up with our day to day responsibilities and schedules, feeling trapped in an endless cycle of […]