Book of the Term: When Grace Comes Home by Terry Johnson

From the beginning Terry Johnson explains the aim of his book (When Grace Comes Home), “The goal of this book is practical divinity. What difference does it make if you believe the doctrines of man’s total depravity and God’s total sovereignty? Does it really make an impact upon one’s life?” Emphatically, Johnson answers with a resounding “yes”. Throughout this small, but comprehensive book, Johnson demonstrates vividly why it is a resounding yes.GraceHome1

Pastorally, Johnson shows how the belief in the grace/sovereignty of God changes how we worship, how we view and deal with suffering; how it changes our outlook on life, our prayer life, our evangelism (witness), how we change to be more like Jesus, our assurance in the Gospel, Christian liberty, how we find God’s “will” for our lives in guidance. When taken to heart and applied, this book is a life-changing one, since, as Johnson puts it, it deals with the Gospel.

Keeping the above in mind, it shouldn’t surprise us that this book is written with a lot of passion, boldness and conviction. There is an urgency in Johnson’s writing seeking to persuade the reader that the belief and application of God’s sovereignty is not an optional belief or a “nice to have”, but absolutely essential for Christian life. In fact, not believing in God’s sovereignty, as Johnson continually demonstrates, has devastating consequences for the Christian life. God’s sovereignty makes the Christian life possible.

Although the book contains a number of Americanisms (since the book was originally written for an American audience), it is timeless in its content; as J.I. Packer puts it, “Rarely can the vitamin content of sweet, strong, classic pastoral Calvinism have been made so plain and palatable as it is here”. In many ways, this book will encourage you and challenge you, but it will not leave you unmoved. This is the Christian Faith in action.

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