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Understanding Miracles

Understanding Miracles… In Luke’s Gospel, we have seen Jesus performing many miracles (cf. Lk. 7:22-23). Seeing this, I would like to highlight three important points we need to understand about miracles in the Bible. 1. Miracles are about confirming the Word of God When Moses was called by God in Ex. 3-4 to be God’s […]

Teen Bible Reading Plan

Engage Bible notes have been written to help young people understand and apply the scriptures. They also seek to address relevant issues in teenagers’ lives and provide a Bible reading resource that is engaging and long-lasting. They include articles on stuff relevant to young Christians, looking at issues like self-esteem, money, sex, bereavement, etc as […]

Family Reading Plan: Judges

Use these simple family reading notes to get you all looking at the Bible together. These first notes are all from the book of Judges, to tie in with our Sunday School lessons this term. Your children will have a head start, which should make them feel confident as you ask them questions from the […]