The Shame and Power of the Cross

The Shame and Power of the Cross… As we consider the events of Good Friday, we might wonder, “Isn’t it a bit bizarre to celebrate the agonizing death of Jesus on a Cross?” Many people during the 1st Century felt the same (or even more perplexed by this); as Paul writes, “we preach Christ crucified: […]

How to Self Check-in

How to self check-in at the 8am service. Enter your surname on the check-in computer and click Search. If there is more than one family with the same surname, you will need to select your family on the next screen. If all children are present, select Check-in all at the bottom right of screen. Or […]

Making the most of Winter Life

For the past few years now we’ve organized a special series of events and sermons in the winter months to help connect with our community and each other. We call this series: Winter Life! Here are some things to bear in mind as we build up to it. 1: Know the big truths We know […]