LIFE – A six-part interactive series which looks into life with Jesus

As a Church we love to share Jesus with the people of our valley, that’s why a few times a year we run an interactive series called LIFE. This runs over 6 Wednesday evenings from 7:30 – 9pm here at the church.

We transform this space into a coffee shop, complete with Kudzi our barista, some delicious snacks and lots of conversation.  We have around ten people at each table and spend lots of time discussing things like… is the Bible reliable?… what happens after life?… why did Jesus have to die? 

The whole idea of our Winter Life series was to connect us, at St Peters, with local people so that we could think about, pray for & invite those people to the Life series that looks into life with Jesus.

Maybe this is something you would like to come along to. You might be a convinced Christian but, still have some questions you want answered or maybe you’re just starting to look into Christian things… perhaps you know someone… a friend or family member, that you could invite and come along with.

Please be thinking about who you could bring along – pray for that person and then go and invite them.  That’s LIFE, right here at St Peters church starting Wednesday 6th February 7:30-9pm for 6 Wednesdays.

To register for LIFE, click on this link: LIFE REGISTRATION