Family Bible Reading Plan: Easter Eggstravaganza

Xtb Easter

Use these simple family reading notes to get you all looking at the Bible together. These notes about the Easter story are all from the book of Luke, to tie in with our Sunday School lessons and Church Sermons this term.

Choose a time that works the best for your family; breakfast, supper after bath or before bed. Keep it short and simple. If it all goes wrong, stay calm, pray and go on to the next notes on the following day – its likely that everyone’s moods will be different!

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You may like to print the notes out and put them a file, or use them on an e-reader on a phone or tablet. These notes contain two separate options: 1) Xtb notes for children to complete alone are featured first in the Pdf; 2) Table Talk notes for the whole family. The same material is covered by both notes for each day. The notes are from Table Talk, a well known family resource with suggested age range of 4 to 12. There are other issues available to purchase in soft and hard copy from The Good Book Company.

You can also download the Family Bible Reading plan checklist here: Family Bible Reading Plan Checklist

You can return a completed checklist for a family-sized treat!