‘God is Enough’ by Ray Galea: Book of the Term

The author of ‘God is Enough’ is Anglican minister Ray Galea. Ray leads the pastoral team at St Alban’s Multicultural Bible Ministry at Rooty Hill in western Sydney.  Ray comes from a devoutly Roman Catholic family, and as a youngster played an active role in his local parish. Prior to training for the ministry, Ray worked as a social worker in Wollongong for three years where he specialized in marriage and family counselling.

‘God is Enough’ is a book with broad appeal. Christians going through a range of difficulties will find this book encouraging. Those feeling off-track in their walk with Christ, out-of-touch with God, disappointed in life, uninspired, spiritually numb or depressed, will all find comfort in these pages. If my experience is anything to go by, readers might find that the book helps to identify those aspects of our walk with Christ that have been dulled in some way, without being aware of this.

Ray has chosen, with great care, Psalms which speak to Christians dealing with these kinds of maladies. I found delving into Psalms a refreshing way of reacquainting myself with the God’s nature and his glorious plans for the salvation of His people.

When Ray visited St Peter’s last year I was very impressed with his easygoing, gentle manner, sincerity and honesty. These gifts are mirrored in Ray’s writing. So much so, that you could be forgiven for racing through the book at a gallop. I first approached the book in this way, but soon found that setting aside some time for meditation and reflection was the better, more rewarding approach. Each chapter is devoted to a specific psalm. Reading the relevant psalm in advance, as Ray suggests, before tackling a chapter also led to a far richer experience.

Each chapter ends with a few thought provoking questions. I found these very useful: they forced me to think actively and reflect on Ray’s analysis of each Psalm.

Those Christians seeking a renewal or strengthening of their faith need look no further than ‘God is Enough’.

by Craig Webber