This weekly support group is for people grieving the death of a loved one or close friend. the death of a spouse, child, family member or close friend is devastating.Typically a pastor is directly involved with those who have lost loved one’s during the days leading up to the funeral but even the most conscientious pastor is unable to meet the continuing needs of comfort and support for those in the midst of grief.

Lay people and grief recovery support can provide this ongoing care. The program runs for 13 weeks and is held at a time convenient for those involved. It may mean meeting in the morning, afternoon or evening – it becomes a time when those grieving can be around others who understand the pain of losing a loved one, where they are cared for & in turn can care for others who are going through a similar time of grieving.

GriefShare helps the healing process by bringing together some of the foremost Christian experts on grief issues in a series of video seminars that address the emotional, spiritual & practical needs of those experiencing grief. These DVD video sessions combine solid teaching with interviews & case studies to produce an inspirational resource for healing. The GriefShare manual gives you the opportunity to learn what God’s word has to say about grief related topics, to journal your thoughts & to help you sort out your emotions. The video & manual provide reliable biblical teaching.

It is heartening to witness the journey from mourning to joy in the lives of those confronted by this inevitable fact of life, that one day everyone dies.There are a number of books & DVD’s that people may borrow to help them through their time of grief.

For further information contact Ron & Willemien Hurt 021 785 3794