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You may be someone who’s looking for a church where the Bible is explained clearly. You may be someone who’s drifted from Christianity, over the years. You may be someone with a lot of serious questions about God and how to be in a relationship with Him. No matter where you are at, you are really welcome here.

As a church, our greatest desire is to bring glory to God: the one true God who draws people to himself and transforms them through the saving work of his Son, Jesus Christ. At St. Peters, we love to share that life-changing message of Jesus, from the Bible. You’ll find a wide variety of people here who have experienced the joy and authenticity of living the Christian life.

If you would like to be part of the St. Peters family, there are a couple of “next steps” that we would like you to take in your journey with us; they are outlined as followed…

1) Life (if you have inquiries about the Christian Faith and would like to know more)

2) Joining-In (if you would like to become part of St. Peters)

3) Membership (final steps)