How to Self Check-in

How to self check-in at the 8am service.

  1. Enter your surname on the check-in computer and click Search.
  2. If there is more than one family with the same surname, you will need to select your family on the next screen.
  3. If all children are present, select Check-in all at the bottom right of screen. Or check in individual children if necessary.
  4. Select Print all labels. There may be a 1 minute lag for labels to print, try not to click again if you can help yourself!
  5. Click on Finish.
  6. Check the details on the stickers. If incorrect please email

How to check-in at the 10am service

  1. The process is as above, but we have a team on hand to do the computer work, so just give your surname to the volunteer on duty.

Help I’m new! What do we do?

  1. At 8am service: There is a folder with an information sheet to complete, and blank stickers for you to fill in.
  2. At 10am service there is a volunteer on hand to welcome you and help with stickers for your family.
  3. Once you are sure this is your church home, we will add your details onto the system.