“How to Walk Into Church” by Tony Payne

You may believe that ‘walking into Church’ seems a rather unlikely, even dull topic. That’s what I thought when the title first came to my attention. Discovering I was wrong was a very joyous experience!  In fact, Tony Payne’s ‘How to Walk Into Church’ is very likely to help you better glorify God and grow in Love and Faith: both very good reasons to read a book.9781922206725

You’ll love the easygoing style with which the book has been written. Payne comes across as a godly and kindly man. This put me at my ease and encouraged me to be open-minded in self-evaluation and acknowledging shortcomings. It’s also easy to identify with the book’s many humorous anecdotes. The book is also tiny! Don’t let these initial comments (meant to be encouraging!) put you off: praise to God, Payne avoids condescending to his readers!

How to Walk Into Church’ is full of practical advice backed up by numerous references to God’s Word. Payne looks at what to do before Church; what to do during the Church, what to do after Church. It also answers many important and relevant questions, that I am positive will be of interest to most readers. These include i) is attending Church necessary?; ii) isn’t avoiding Church a good option, considering all of the interpersonal problems that often beset Churches?;  iii)  why do I often feel like I don’t get enough out of Church?; and iv) is Church more about my relationships with other Church goers, or my relationship with God?

Our contemporary lives tend to be very busy. In my estimation this book has an excellent time-reward ratio. The book looks at what to do before Church; what to do during the service, what to do after the service. It also deals with the purpose of Church.

Review by Craig Webber

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