The first couple of weeks of having a newborn in the house can be quite challenging.  St. Peters seeks to support our families with new born babies by providing evening meals for a week (Monday-Friday). With meals provided, your family can take time to adjust to this new chapter in your family’s life and enjoy those first moments with the new member of your family.

Stay and Play

Every Tuesday from 10:00 – 11:15 all moms with children between 0-3 years of age are welcome to join us for Stay and Play. A casual atmosphere where Moms can have a cup of tea, chat & play with their child in our children’s centre. There will also be age appropriate craft table and music time. Stay and Play

For more information on Spuds and Stay and Play contact:

  • Mariska Pienaar (0794596745)
  • Tamlyn Gibson (0764913540)